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Worldwide Bunker Supply Service

Leveraging our expertise in physical bunker delivery, we are capable to bring exceptional values and in-sights that are not available directly from the bunker trader market.

Furthermore, through our overseas offices in Shanghai, Singapore, Copenhagen, Vancouver and Seoul, and combining with the coverage of Chimbusco in China, we are serving our customers around the world in different time zones.


Bunker Supply in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, located by the South China Sea, provides excellent access and a safe shelter for vessels calling at the port from around the world. With nine container terminals, it is one of the busiest ports in terms of containerized cargo in the world.

As a leading physical supplier of bunker in Hong Kong, we manage the entire value-chain for bunker supply in Hong Kong - from fuel oil cargo sourcing, tank storage to bunker barges for delivery. With this unparalleled strength, we offer superior level of cost-effectiveness, security and quality products and services to our customers.


Risk Management

In addition to bunker supply, we are extending the value-chain of bunker supply by offering tailor-made price risk management solutions to our customers to cope with the market volatility. Together with the healthy foundation of our state owned background, we are a reliable financial counterparty.


Petroleum/ Fuel Oil Trading

With our network in Asia, we are able to leverage our talent and robust finance to actively participate in petroleum/ fuel oil trading businesses, with a particular focus on the Asia Pacific market.


Oil Product Delivery Service

We provide oil product transportation services for oil majors, gas companies and power plants within Hong Kong, Macau and the Pearl River Delta region.


Shipping Agency Service

We offer dedicated shipping agency service to ship owners and shipping companies.


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