Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

We are a leading bunker service provider headquartered in Hong Kong, with presence in Asia, America and Europe serving vessels operating around the world.
Mission Statement
Chimbusco Pan Nation Petro-Chemical Co Ltd (CPN) is committed to conducting its operations in a responsible and sustainable manner, and to addressing the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues that are important to our stakeholders and shareholders. We are committed to our ESG principles and integrate our philosophy in the entire value chain. Our common goal is to achieve carbon net zero before 2050. 
Environmental (E)
CPN recognizes the impact on the environment associated with our bunker fuel operations and associated products, and is committed to reduce the carbon footprint and minimizing our environmental impact, with the following measures:
      • Implement energy-efficient practices and technologies in our operations, including the use of alternative fuels and renewable energy sources where possible.
      • Launch the low carbon emission products
      • Encourage the use of sustainable materials and products.
      • Educate our stakeholders and clients on the importance of carbon footprint reduction in the maritime business. Communicate with local regulators and suppliers on our milestones, and explore industrial initiatives.
Social (S)
CPN recognizes the importance of social responsibility, with the following measures:
    • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workforce, and provide opportunities for career development and advancement for all employees.
    • Maintain safe and healthy working conditions for our employees and comply with all applicable labor laws and regulations.
    • Engage with local communities and support social programs that align with our values and mission.
Governance (G)
CPN recognizes governance being one of the critical factors in driving business growth, and is committed to maintain high standards of corporate governance and transparency to our stakeholders:
    • Ensure that our business practices are ethical and comply with all applicable laws and regulations for each jurisdiction that we operate in.

    • Ensure that the board, the senior management, and the task committees are effective in its oversight of our company's operations.

    • Maintain effective systems of internal controls and risk management.

CPN implements its ESG policy through the following actions:
    • Establish an ESG Committee to address the ESG issues and provide leadership on driving solutions. Selected members will be held accountable on actionable items.

    • Define visions and executable initiatives to achieve our ESG goals

    • Communicate our ESG performance to stakeholders and supply chain members.

    • Continuously review and improve our ESG practices to ensure that we are meeting our commitments and addressing emerging issues.

Policy Compliance
Compliance with this policy is verified through various methods, including but not limited to, reports from available business tools, internal and external audits, self-assessment, and/or feedback to the policy owner. Non-compliance with this policy, including attempts to circumvent the stated policy/process by bypassing or knowingly manipulating the process, system, or data may result in disciplinary actions. Any exception to this policy must be approved by the ESG Committee.