Cargo Trade

Enabling full control of supply chain, we also source our own cargo globally to meet our physical supply demand.

At Chimbusco Pan Nation (CPN), we take pride in our ability to ensure a stable supply of bunker fuel. With a global approach, we source our cargo from around the world, establishing strong connections with various suppliers. This enables us to swiftly adapt and provide alternative sourcing in cases where quality issues arise in specific regions. By maintaining a diverse network of suppliers, we guarantee undisrupted service and consistent product quality for our valued clients.

Where trade occurs?
Our primary focus is on trading cargo in the Asian region. With our strong presence and extensive network in Asia, we have established valuable relationships with suppliers and customers alike. This regional specialization allows us to leverage our in-depth market knowledge and expertise to provide efficient and dependable trade services suited to the specific needs of this dynamic market. Our team is committed to provide great trading experiences throughout the Asian area.